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We have scaled up our company and can handle entire projects
for customers in the Nordic countries.

Fulfilling customer needs, flexibility and occupational safety are our core values.
We are a reliable partner for your projects.


At infrastructure and mining sites, we work in tunnels ranging from large tunnel profiles to small widening/roof-raising projects, as well as production mining. Shaft sinking based on the longhole or Alimak method.

We have solid expertise and equipment for tunnel excavation. We have several years of experience in using electronic detonators on a daily basis in vibration-sensitive areas.

Our personnel have a long pedigree in shaft excavation for mining and infrastructure projects. We take an innovative approach to digging shafts in challenging locations.

Includes hydraulic splitting on difficult sites.

Rock Reinforcement

Infrastructure projects: full range of rock reinforcement and shotcreting, using a shotcrete robot, rockbolting, wire-mesh reinforcement. We also do manual drilling, wire-mesh reinforcement, and shotcreting on small sites.

Mining sites with our own machinery: cable bolting, wire-mesh reinforcement and all types of rockbolting.


We have done both manual and machine scaling in our own tunnel projects.


Rock loading: we also load excavated rock.


Responsibility, fairness and sustainability form the bedrock of our values. Power Mining Oy aims to become the customer’s preferred partner both in Finland and abroad. The company is a sought-after employer in its field, and fulfils its employee orientation, occupational safety and employee satisfaction responsibilities. We are a responsible actor which operates in accordance with local laws and regulations.